A domain for e-commerce enables sales of products and/or information through the internet. The e-commerce has picked up in the past few years and today is an inseparable part of the marketing structure of any size company or business.
E-commerce and on-line store require no geographical boarders, are timeless and low operational cost.

What does an e-commerce domain from INTERDEAL require: Home page – Is the window to the e-commerce store from which the surfer will navigate his way through the domain.

Product Catalogue – The catalogue is designed attractively where each article for sale has a picture and a price. The catalogue can be altered by domain owner according to the company’s changes.

The products catalogue is organized in groups of products, divisions and subjects while each section is not limited to any number of products and products can be added or deleted, changed or updated, prices added or updated, pictures deleted changed etc, all according to company requirements and under its control.

Product Search – For the sake of the surfer’s convenience it is possible to search the domain with a vast variety of search options, as: Name of product, price, group etc. all according to the end-users needs. At the end of the search the product will appear with picture, explanation and price.

Shopping Basket – Is a management system for the surfer to purchase products. As in a Supermarket, the surfer can place the products of his/her choice one particle at a time in a basket and at the end of shopping all products are counted and transferred to an order form with particle names and prices. The shopping basket enables a long term card management with out limitations of time or geographical borders.

Orders – The system enables payment anywhere in the domain and /or from the shopping basket. The surfer fills out his details and personal credit card. The payment is made under SSL-Secure Socket Laye approved by the Credit Card companies. Use of this system enables business transactions through credit cards in the safest most efficient way.

bake office allows follow-up of domain owner on opened orders and/or closed orders. Management of membership club – members of such a club are a necessary marketing tool.
Through members it is possible to keep in touch on a regular basis with the end-users.
The management of the club must be dynamic, and diverse and owner of the domain must adapt or/and change according to the demands. The management system can produce reports using different cuts according to the domain owner’s requirements.

Direct Mailing- A smart a flexible program allows to keep in contact with customers. The direct mailing through e-mail is done automatically on each activity in the domain-to the customer and to the domain owner.

Within the frame work of purchasing the system guidance and training will be provided in the following subjects: Training to operate the management program from all aspects. Advise regarding digital photographs. The use of the statistic module The training takes place at the client’s office or home, while telephone service is available during acceptable work hours.

You will run your business from any computer in any place at work or home according to your convenience, in the simplest possible way!!!

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