Company Profile

INTERDEAL is a young and dynamic company with the expertise of Internet development and implementation applications in to the commercial and business market since 1998.

INTERDEAL employs a development staff, advisers and professional designers, with deep understanding of business and commercial marketing through the Internet, in order to develop a site most suitable for your company.
INTERDEAL targeted as it’s goal to provide the best, highest standards of quality, professionalism, service, timetable and personal attention.

INTERDEAL is a pioneer in the field of development and building of dynamic and image of domains, on-line commercial domains, bidding domains and special expansion and improvement while utilizing the most progressive technologies in the market.

The INTERDEAL team will design for you the most impressive domain targeted to reflect the company’s image, adaptable to the times and the company’s characteristics with emphasis on the marketing aspects based on the unique potential of the internet medium and modified to the company.

INTERDEAL provides new possibilities for using the Internet domain with the highest technology, at sensible rates and at top quality!

While reading now, our customers are enjoying quality presence on the Internet that opened the door of vast marketing, functional and image opportunities.

We’d be honored to add you to the list of active pleased customers whom are taking advantage of the incredible potential hidden in the Internet!!!!

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