Website Construction
The Internet has turned geographical borders and cultural differences to irrelevant meaning. The hidden advantages in the Internet domain existence are many and varied: 



  • Vast exposure to potential clints
  • Immediate availability of updated data for existing customers as well as potential clients
  • Transfer of marketing messages in a useful a high quality form to the targeted end-users enabling them to play an active part: contacting, ordering, purchasing.
  • Improvement of the marketing and sales organization
  • Operational flexibility
  • Precise positioning creating competitive advantages
  • Stable and quality follow-up after reality test of the domain’s performance.

    Commercial domains, reflecting the company’s image and characteristics, require self-motivation and full control of the owner on his/hers Internet domain.
    INTERDEAL is a pioneer in it’s field, constructing Internet domains with bake office for managing the domain by the owner of the domain, with user-friendly and smart tools while consistently taking advantage of the existing means to reach the target.
    Therefore, we suggest the following: A management system for the domain owner with a hands-on capability to change the contents, catalogue products and services, including: entering with a security password through the internet back office, through which content can be changed and added, products for catalogue maybe replaced, deleted or added, update on specials, price changes, pictures, adding files, all to be done directly by the owner of the domain with easy, user-friendly operation.
  • In addition, the system includes a control on the ordering system, club management, direct mailing and module statistics.

    Within the frame work of purchasing the system guidance and training will be provided in the following subjects:

  • Training to operate the management from all aspects
  • Training in copying and moving files to the system
  • Consulting on issues like digital photographs
  • The use of statistic modules

    The training takes place at the clients office or home, while telephone service is available during acceptable work hours.


    Construction of a domain is not only design and most certainly not a place for passing a message- it is a dynamic image building marketing tool, requiring fool professional attention.

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